My name is Yoshi Mertens, I'm a 27 years old Belgian artist.

My passion for art started around primary school, starting with some simple clay works and drawings, I quickly started to go to an art-school during my weekends. I went there for about 10 years. After that my time for art got limited because of my regular studies. Time passed by and I started to look for an other way to perform art.

This is how I combined my passion for amusement parks with art, by learning to work with Google Sketchup, I started to create custom scenery and custom content for Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, under the alias Kiotho. Creating video's, 3D-models, Content for other users and see how they use stuff you initially designed for something completely different, drove me further into that world! 

In the meantime I also started to use and learn Photoshop, as I needed more advanced textures,... for my models. That's how I stumbled upon Photoshop compositions/digital drawings and so on!

Now the world of RCT3 is coming to an end for me. It was very timeconsuming and a lot of research was required as well. People started to move to Planet Coaster lately and that's how I moved more towards compositing in Photoshop. I try to push my bar everytime higher and higher and learn new stuff with each and every work. A few months ago I tried out Blender 3D and now I try to incorporate it in my photography as well!

Well that's about it for now! If you have questions about anything, feel free to ask!